I am a 3d artist with great passion for games. I'm currently studying at The Game Assembly in my hometown of Malmö/Sweden. Prior to my current education i have studied Game Developement and Interaction design at Malmö University. My love for visual arts and my competitive nature have always been key factors in driving myself to always do better and surpass myself for each new project that i am involved in.

Here at the Game Assembly i am part of "Fat Unicorn Games" wich is a group of 10 students, working together to create 4 games in 4 different genres during the 2nd year period of this education, making 8 games in total for the entire duration. The school focuses on group projects and "real" work methods created by "Ubisoft Massive" in cooperation with the swedish gaming industry. Teachers with experience from the gaming industry, and processes such as scrum, feedback, debugging, and post mortem sessions, with focus on agile software developement.

If you have any further questions i would be happy to answer them. I can be contacted at:
or alternatively